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24 Hours In A And E (in TV)
Last Updated: 9 Sep, 2021

Season 7 - Episodes
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24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E01 - One Fine Day (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-10-30)
The St George's trauma team fight to save the life of a young woman after a horrific motorbike accident. Dental nurse Kerry, who's 29, arrives from Essex by emergency air ambulance on the hospital's new helipad. She lost control of her motorbike, completely severing her right leg below the knee. Kerry's grandparents were always worried about her getting a motorbike and were among the first on the scene of the accident. Due to the severity of her injuries, specialists from seven different departments have been called in to treat Kerry. But the medics need to stabilise Kerry before they can see if it's possible to re-attach her leg. 'The first priority is always life. Limb comes second,' says consultant Jai. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Luke is brought in to the department after suffering a prolonged epileptic seizure. Luke has a form of complex epilepsy that has left him with severe learning difficulties and he has up to three seizures a week. While the paediatric team stabilises Luke, his mum and dad discuss their love for their son and the challenges of living with his condition. And 19-year-old Tina comes to A&E after stepping on a sewing needle, which is stuck inside her foot. But she seems more keen to take advice from her mum in Bulgaria than from Mo, the doctor treating her.
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E02 - Seize The Day (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-06)
This episode focuses on the treatment of sporting enthusiasts who've been injured on two wheels. Nineteen-year-old Billy has been thrown 20 feet from his motocross bike during a race, suffering multiple spinal injuries, and he's lost sensation from the chest down. He's been transferred from a hospital in Brighton to St George's for treatment by the specialist neurosurgical team. Billy's parents and brothers witnessed his crash and are by his bedside, braced for the worst. Meanwhile, 53-year-old teacher Dave has facial injuries after riding his new bicycle into the back of a stationary car in Richmond Park. The crash is a wake-up call for Dave. 'It makes you realise you are quite vulnerable,' he says. 'Maybe I'll go back to golf and fishing!' And 30-year-old adrenaline junkie and ex-Royal Marine Richard has badly dislocated his thumb after falling off a bicycle. As the emergency team try to realign the tip of his thumb, Richard enjoys the effects of the pain-killing gas and air while reflecting on his time in the marines and the evolutionary benefits of risk.
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E03 - Someone To Love (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-13)
Tree surgeon Paul, 38, is rushed into Resus by ambulance from Kent after falling 25 feet from a tree. He has a head wound and is complaining of shooting pains in his back and pins and needles in his feet. Doctors are concerned that he may have injured his spine. 'When the patient comes in if they're complaining of pins and needles my heart always sinks' says orthopaedic doctor Mike. 'It could be a sign that there is trauma to the spinal cord which can cause paralysis'. A CT scan shows that Paul has broken a vertebra in his back and medics are concerned fragments of bone could damage his spinal cord. Meanwhile Anthony, 66, who's recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's and Prostate cancer, has fallen down fifteen stairs at home. He's very frail and a scan reveals that he's broken some ribs, puncturing a lung and will need a chest drain. His wife Jennifer reflects on how they met through a dating agency in 1975. 'We met up in London somewhere. And he had this funny tweed coat with a belt round the middle and I thought 'I don't like that!'
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E04 - Stay With Me (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-20)
Former boxer Paul, 22, has been stabbed in the face and arm with a broken bottle outside a nightclub in Kingston. As the team works to stop the bleeding and treat the patient's wounds, his girlfriend Naveena reflects on his sensitive side. Angela, 93, is brought to A&E by her daughter Elizabeth after suffering from blood loss and disorientation at her care home, while 70-year-old John arrives with his wife Francesca after falling while out running and dislocating his shoulder. To get John's pain under control quickly the medics give him ketamine, and the hallucinogenic side effects keep everyone entertained
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E05 - Bouncing Back (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-11-27)
The team at St George's treats patients who have injured themselves through work or play. Iain, 60, is rushed in by ambulance after falling 10ft off a ladder on to his head while fixing an air-conditioning unit. He has a deep laceration above his right eye and doctors can't guarantee he won't lose some of his sight. Student teacher Lloyd is helped into A&E by his friend Mollie after injuring his foot on an inflatable obstacle course on their last day at university. Lucy has had a trampolining accident in her family's garden and medics fear the 13-year-old may have suffered a neck injury
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E06 - Strong Medicine (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-04)
The team treats two trauma patients arriving by helicopter on the hospital's new helipad. Eric, 75, collapsed shortly after falling from a ladder while pruning trees in his garden. He is stabilised and put in an induced coma while a CT scan is used to determine any internal injuries. IT consultant Mihhail, 29, is admitted after crashing his motorbike at high speed and again a CT scan is employed to look for hidden wounds. He's later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit while specialists decide how to repair the damage to his liver and stop his internal bleeding. Meanwhile, 22-year-old performing arts student Maria complains of chest pains and 82-year-old Rusty is treated for a broken ankle sustained in a road accident
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E07 - Chip off the Block (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-11)
This episode focuses on the important links we have to our immediate family and the qualities that we inherit from our parents. Freddie, seven, is brought in after falling several metres from a tree in his garden. He's been in and out of consciousness and doctors are concerned he could have head or spinal injuries. Martin, 66, collapsed at home and spent the night on the floor, and he's now experiencing poor eyesight and dizziness. The stroke team diagnoses a blood clot, but because of the amount of time that has passed since the incident, clot-busting drugs will have little effect. Elsewhere, eight-year-old Jayden has come to St George's with swollen eyes, the result of severe hay fever.
24 Hours In A And E
24 Hours In A And E - S07E08 - In A Heartbeat (High MP4) (Aired: 2014-12-18)
Retired builder Roger has fallen 13ft from his daughter's roof and the trauma team is concerned he may have badly injured his head, back and neck. Folk musician Tad, 29, has come to A&E after developing a dangerously high heart rate, and doctors must use an electric shock to try to get it back to normal. Meanwhile, 69-year-old Richard is brought in after being found unwell at home by his son, and there are fears he has developed a serious infection.


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