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The Hills (in TV)
After high school graduation, "Laguna Beach" alumna Lauren sets out to live on her own in Los Angeles and work as an intern at Teen Vogue.
Last Updated: 5 Aug, 2012

Season 3 - Episodes
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The Hills
The Hills - S03E01 - You Know What You Did (Aired: 2007-08-13)
The third season premieres with Lauren and Heidi still unable to get past their differences and having become mortal enemies. Meanwhile, Whitney has graduated from college and is now juggling a real job and Audrina has become Lauren's new roommate and best friend.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E02 - Big Girls Don't Cry (Aired: 2007-08-13)
Lauren returns to Laguna Beach for some advice. Meanwhile, Audrina and her new beau get serious with their relationship and Spencer proposes to Heidi.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E03 - Truth and Time Tells All (Aired: 2007-08-20)
Audrina invites Lauren out to dinner to get to know Justin better. Lauren is not impressed by him. Audrina talks to Justin and decides to give their relationship time. Spencer suprises Heidi by buying two arcade games for the apartment. Later, she suprises him by painting over the mural in the living room.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E04 - Meet the Parents (Aired: 2007-08-27)
Spencer and Heidi go away for the weekend to meet Heidi's parents, causing Spencer to flake on his and Brody's barbeque. Lauren, Audrina, Lo, and Justin Bobby attend. Justin Bobby flirts with other girls and leaves Audrina at the party, and Lauren finally realizes that she and Heidi will never be friends again.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E05 - Rolling with the Enemy (Aired: 2007-09-03)
Just when everyone believes that Justin Bobby is finally history, Audrina decides to rekindle the relationship, much to Lauren and Lo's surprise.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E06 - Second Chances (Aired: 2007-09-10)
Lauren is still wondering who could be the guy for her when suddenly Jason gives her a call and wants to catch up.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E07 - They Meet Again (Aired: 2007-09-17)
Heidi tries to fit into her new job. Meanwhile Lauren has to decide if she will give Jason another chance.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E08 - For Better Or Worse (Aired: 2007-09-24)
Spencer and Heidi's wedding date gets closer, but will he tell his family before he steps into church? The Teen Vogue event gives Whitney and Lauren a lot of work, while Jason tires to start over with a new girl and a new place.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E09 - What Happens In Vegas... (Aired: 2007-10-01)
Brody celebrates his birthday in Las Vegas and of course Lauren and her friends are invited too. Meanwhile Heidi has to face more problems at work than she likes.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E10 - What Goes Around... (Aired: 2007-10-15)
When Jen wants to be friends again with Lauren, however the dark past starts to haunt everyone. And not everyone likes the past revealed.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E11 - No More Mr Nice Guy (Aired: 2007-10-22)
Lauren goes out with one of the male models from a photo shoot, leaving Brody to question everything that has developed in the past weeks.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E12 - Stress And The City (Aired: 2007-10-29)
Whitney and Lauren are sent to New York to present their ideas about the big fashion show. Meanwhile Franky tries to fix Brody's and Spencer's friendship.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E13 - Young Hollywood (Aired: 2007-11-05)
The Young Hollywood party finally happens and Whitney is in charge. Heidi celebrates her 21th birthday with Spencer. And Audrina might have a new admirer.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E14 - Forgive and Forget (Aired: 2007-11-12)
Lauren and Whitney have to cover an event for Teen Vogue, where Lauren runs into Heidi and of course they fight again. Later on Heidi tries to make up to Lauren, but Lauren turns her down. Meanwhile Audrina and Justin still struggle in their undefined relationship.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E15 - With This Ring... (Aired: 2007-11-19)
Heidi and Spencer constantly fight about how they should get married. Will they find a solution? Meanwhile Whitney has found a guy that asks her out on a date.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E16 - A Night At The Opera (Aired: 2007-11-26)
Lauren and Audrina find out that Spencer has a sister. She also pays Spencer and Heidi a visit. When Lauren and Audrina hang out with Brody, they not only run into Spencer's sister, but also run into Justin - with another girl.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E17 - Once A Player... (Aired: 2007-12-03)
Stephanie tells Spencer that Heidi might bail out of the wedding, so Spencer and Heidi fight once again. Lauren and Audrina both have a date.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E18 - When One Door Closes... (Aired: 2007-12-10)
Broken hearts as far as the eyes reaches: Heidi and Spencer can't agree on their wedding plans while Brody and Lauren both refuse to make the first step.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E19 - Paris Changes Everything (Aired: 2008-03-24)
Lauren and Whitney go to Paris, but the trip is marred for Lauren when she finds out Brody is seeing someone new. Meanwhile, Spencer follows Heidi to Colorado to try to win her back.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E20 - Back To LA (Aired: 2008-03-31)
After their week in Paris, Lauren and Whitney are back home and have to adjust to the changes and the changes they plan to do.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E21 - An Unlikely Friend (Aired: 2008-03-31)
Loyalty lines are questioned when Stephanie Pratt makes nice with Lauren at FIDM. Plus, Whitney travels to NYC to jump-start her career with People's Republic.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E22 - When Spencer Finds Out... (Aired: 2008-04-07)
It's Lauren's birthday and for some guests an appearance at her party could mean a lot of trouble. Also from whom will Lauren receive a birthday kiss?
The Hills
The Hills - S03E23 - Just Be Careful... (Aired: 2008-04-07)
After the much talked about birthday party Lauren had, the talk of the characters on The Hills is Lauren's friendship with Stephanie. Audrina is approached by someone unexpected, much to someone else's discomfort.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E24 - Girls Night Out (Aired: 2008-04-14)
Lauren is surprised by a job offer she receives. Meanwhile Heidi enjoys a night out with her friends, until she spots Spencer and things end up in a fight.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E25 - A New Roommate (Aired: 2008-04-21)
Lauren and Lo are looking into the real estate market as they plan to buy a house. Meanwhile, Audrina reconsiders her situation as a single woman.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E26 - A Date With The Past (Aired: 2008-04-28)
The girls go out to find a new home. When they find one, the guest list for the housewarming party is subject to more than just one fight.
The Hills
The Hills - S03E27 - No Place Like Home (Aired: 2008-05-05)
While Lo and Lauren enjoy living at the house, Audrina feels more and more left out. Meanwhile Stephanie thinks it's time to get rid of Spencer and Heidi prepares her next step in her career.
The Hills - S03E28 - The Next Move Is Yours (Aired: 2008-05-12)
Lauren tries to uphold her friendship to Audrina, but is it already too late? Meanwhile Spencer tries to win Heidi back and risks her career to do so.


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