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Cleopatra In Space - MobileTvShows
Cleopatra in Space

Last Updated: 21 Nov, 2020

Latest files added
Cleopatra in Space
Cleopatra in Space - S02E06 - Xerxs Works (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2020-04-28)
Yosira joins the gang on a mission to the space station and factory, named Xerxs Works, where Xerxs are built. However, Cleo and Yosira disagree who will lead the assault on Xerxs Works.
Cleopatra in Space
Cleopatra in Space - S02E05 - School Break (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2020-04-27)
Cleo comes to visit Akila's family during their school break.
Cleopatra in Space
Cleopatra in Space - S02E04 - Cleopatra Needs Space (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2020-04-24)
Brian and Akila go on their first date, and the ensuing chaos leads to Cleo going off on a mission alone.
Cleopatra in Space
Cleopatra in Space - S02E03 - Paradise Found (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2020-04-23)
After spending too much time together, the team splits up on an unknown planet to search for the Uta Tablet.
Cleopatra in Space
Cleopatra in Space - S02E02 - The Identity of Cyrano (High MP4) (WEBM) (Aired: 2020-04-22)
Cleo tries to figure out where the UTA Tablet is, Brian tries to ask Akila out on a date, and is too nervous to do so. In this situation, Brian turns to A.I. named Cyrano, thinking he will solve his social problems, making him cool.


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