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Cowboy Traders - MobileTvShows
Cowboy Traders
Domonic Littlewood and Melinda Messenger travel through the UK to name and shame some of the most horrific traders ruining people's lives.
IMDb Rating: 8.8
Last Updated: 15 Oct, 2013

Latest files added
Cowboy Traders
Cowboy Traders - S02E07 - Caravans (High MP4) (Aired: 2013-08-01)
As the crusading consumer show concludes its second series, Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger are on the trail of a cowboy caravan broker who went bust, owing millions of pounds to people all over the UK. Among the many victims are the Hamilton family. Lindsey Hamilton, her sister Claire and their mum Janet bought a caravan as a rural getaway for their children and young grandchildren. But when times got tough, they were forced to sell. They contacted a broker,who offered to collect the van and sell it on their behalf. Despite promises that the caravan had been sold, however, the company was then wound up, leaving the Hamiltons and many others with no money and no caravan. Melinda's mission is to help this devastated family by sorting out the problems that the missing money was meant to remedy. She takes on the huge task of transforming two houses for Janet and Claire and also provides an incredible surprise for Lindsey. Dom, meanwhile, hears more from the victims before following the trail of the missing caravans – all the way to the cowboy broker's address.
Cowboy Traders
Cowboy Traders - S02E06 - Blue Force (High MP4) (Aired: 2013-07-25)
Dom Littlewood and Melinda Messenger expose rogue traders. Dom and Melinda are on the trail of a cowboy company which claimed to offer a buy-to-let scheme for the armed forces.
Cowboy Traders
Cowboy Traders - S02E05 - Engines (High MP4) (Aired: 2013-07-18)
In the UK today, over 31 million cars are serviced by garages, part of a motoring industry worth £55 billion. But what happens when we hand over our keys to the local mechanic? How do we know how they will treat our pride and joy? When Jo Gaffikin's car broke down, she found a company online who said that they could collect the vehicle and fix the engine for a good price within two weeks. But just days after collection, the garage called to tell her that the agreed price had almost doubled. Although Jo agreed to hand over more than £2,000, after four months, her beloved car had still not been returned. When she finally went to the garage to demand it back, not only was she charged £450 in storage fees before they would release it but, to her horror, the engine and gearbox were in pieces in the boot. Dom and Melinda hear a similar story from nurse Jenny Matthews. Two months after paying over £3,000 for its engine to be reconditioned, Jenny still does not have her car back. The Cowboy Traders team goes undercover to try to reclaim Jenny's car – only to find that the vehicle's engine is now only fit for scrap. Melinda has an uphill battle trying to replace two top-of-the-range cars on an old banger budget. Meanwhile, Dom's investigations open the floodgates to a horde of unhappy car owners – all with similar tales to tell. He uncovers a web of companies stretching back several decades and makes it his mission to expose the rogue behind them.
Cowboy Traders
Cowboy Traders - S02E04 - Dentists (Aired: 2013-07-11)
Just two months after Shirley Henderson's cosmetic dental work, her dream smile crumbled when her new teeth became loose and eventually started to fall out. With her dentist having fled to Poland, Shirley is left with an extremely painful, unsightly reminder of the experience that she cannot afford to fix.
Cowboy Traders
Cowboy Traders - S02E03 - Wyper (High MP4) (Aired: 2013-07-04)
Gillian and Martin Ross and their five children were initially overjoyed with the car they bought from the dealer. But after just two days, their new motor suddenly cut out, causing the family to narrowly avoid a collision. After consulting a local mechanic, they were told that their new car was a worn-out mess. The brake pads were shot, the air bag broken and the fuel injection system out of order. The car should never have passed the MOT. It turns out that Gillian and Martin Ross were not alone. Single mum Stephanie Robertson worked part-time at a local supermarket and had spent the past year saving up for a car to allow her to commute to college and take her young daughter to school. She wanted a reliable and safe vehicle – but what she got from the dealer was unreliable and dangerous. Melinda is determined to do all she can to try and help these families out, but this time she is miles out of her comfort zone. Meanwhile, Dom's investigation kicks into gear as he uncovers a trail of other unhappy car owners – and discovers that this is one cowboy who might be about to get his just deserts.



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