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Freaks And Geeks - MobileTvShows
Freaks and Geeks
A high school mathlete starts hanging out with a group of burnouts while her younger brother navigates his freshman year.
IMDb Rating: 8.8
Last Updated: 8 Jul, 2012

Latest files added
Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks - S01E18 - Noshing and Moshing (Aired: 2000-10-17)
Neal wrestles with the dilemma of whether to tell his mother about his father’s affair. Lindsay is given detention after coming to the aid of a girl being attacked by a boy. Daniel deals with pressures at home and with Kim. He escapes from his problems through punk music.
Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks - S01E17 - Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers (Aired: 2000-10-10)
Lindsay tries to convince Harold to let her join her friends at a Who concert. Kim and Lindsay accidentally run over Millie’s dog. Kim starts hanging out with Millie. Lindsay wants to tell Millie the truth about her dog, but Kim doesn’t. Meanwhile, Nick teaches himself to play guitar and writes a love ballad for Lindsay and decides to play it for her despite Kens’ objections. Ms. Haverchuck stuns Bill with the news that she has been dating Coach Fredricks.
Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks - S01E16 - Kim Kelly Is My Friend (Aired: 2000-09-05)
Kim invites Lindsay to dinner, explaining that she needs to introduce a nice friend to her parents so that they stop hassling her to sell her car. After Lindsay realizes what an abusive home Kim lives in, the two flee the scene in Kim’s car. Sam struggles with a bully who is Kim’s friend.
Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks - S01E15 - Discos and Dragons (Aired: 2000-07-08)
Daniel is sentenced to audio/visual class as punishment for attempting to pull the fire alarm to get out of taking a test. Lindsay is accepted to a two-week academic summit. Nick has a new girlfriend and takes up disco dancing.
Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and Geeks - S01E14 - The Little Things (Aired: 2000-07-08)
Sam discovers that life as Cindy’s boyfriend is not nearly as exciting as he had imagined. Ken’s girlfriend, Amy, confesses a shocking secret, putting Ken in an awkward situation. Lindsay struggles with asking Vice President George Bush a question during an assembly.



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