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Packed To The Rafters - MobileTvShows
Packed To The Rafters
Centres around Dave and Julie Rafter and their three children Rachel, Ben and Nathan. On the eve of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary the couple thinks that they are finally about to have the house to themselves. But home is a very welcome refuge for their children and when unforeseen problems loom, they return like a boomerang.
IMDb Rating: 7.4
Last Updated: 14 Nov, 2010

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Packed To The Rafters
Packed To The Rafters - S03E21 - Rest in Peace (Aired: 2010-11-09)
The Rafter family say an emotional farewell to Melissa. Dave is determined to shelve his own battle with depression, but as tensions build, he finds himself exploding inappropriately in anger. Julie convinces Dave to go to counselling while Chel, who has not been around to witness the changes in him, returns home to comfort her son. Tom has a second agenda, and despite Coby's attempt to keep him at arm's length, Coby realises he can't escape his grandfather's reach that easily.
Packed To The Rafters
Packed To The Rafters - S03E19 - Breathe (Aired: 2010-10-26)
Rachel takes a crash course in remembering to breathe as she juggles a toxic workplace and an estranged boyfriend. Something's got to give... Desperate to see each other, Jake arrives in the middle of the night with a gift for Rachel. But once again their issues flare and they fight bitterly. Jake storms off, leaving the gift in the front yard. Keen to put the tension with Liam behind her, Rachel works tirelessly to work one of Liam's ideas up and make it presentable. But when the pitch falls flat, instead of backing Rachel up as planned, Liam shows his true colours once again and kicks teamwork to the kerb. Rachel's life seems to be out of control. Finally opening the present Jake bought her, Rachel realises that Jake truly respects her ambitions, and that she's misjudged him. It spurs her on to bring up the lack of team support with her boss, Paul. Paul dismisses Rachel's concerns, suggesting she focus on the positive and move on. Suddenly Rachel realises she has a choice. Will love triumph? Or is it too late to salvage her relationship? Dave too is taking a crash course in remembering to stop and breathe. A welcome distraction arrives when Julie wins a phone-in radio competition - tickets to see Eric Clapton in concert, plus all expenses paid overnight accommodation at a very ritzy hotel. But Dave can't seem to fully enjoy it, finally admitting to Julie he's been suffering from a nagging but inexplicable malaise. Julie's worried for her husband. Could Dave be suffering from depression? Meanwhile, Melissa and Ben are still trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive. Retta inadvertently fuels Ben's anxiety by questioning his fertility. He manages to persuade Melissa to pull a favour at work to get his sperm tested and the situation is fraught with comic embarrassment for both of them. Will Ben's "swimmers" come up gold? Also tonight, Nathan finds a way to help Coby face the challenge of learning to write. In the process, Coby reveals some of his deeply guarded past.
Packed To The Rafters
Packed To The Rafters - S03E18 - Between the Covers (Aired: 2010-10-19)
A wild night in Kings Cross teaches Nathan not to judge a book by its cover. Nathan's journey begins with a surprising revelation - he's enjoying reading "Pride and Prejudice." The novel's themes resonate with him when he makes the mistake of judging Coby's new living arrangements. Nathan builds bridges by inviting Coby for a night out in Kings Cross - and is surprised when Coby proves to be naive when it comes to life in the big city. Nathan's assumptions are challenged again when Coby meets a flirty, rocker-chick Laura - who turns out to drive a Porsche, owned by her rich daddy, and gives Coby a luxury watch before a night of passion. But the biggest surprise of all for Nathan is the discovery that he's actually becoming good mates with his cousin Coby - a truly significant step forward. Carbo is making big plans for his proposal to Retta, but Ben is determined to intervene, believing an engagement is only a means to circumvent their pact of celibacy. However, when all tactics to discourage Carbo fail, it's Retta who steps in, having intuited what Carbo's planning and decided that if he's prepared to contemplate a proposal then that's a good enough declaration of his trustworthiness for her. After Carbo overcomes an embarrassing first hurdle, the whole household is forced to endure the couple's belated and enthusiastic consummation of their love. Rachel's deal with Liam to stop playing games and join forces seems to be working, even if their pitch ideas for a sports drink aren't. Forced to cancel a fancy dinner with Jake, Rachel is stunned when he turns up at EMB agency with takeaway - a peace offering to Liam. The night goes well, with Jake even pitching a sports drink idea - until Rachel takes the conciliatory mood too far and confides Jake's epilepsy. Later, after a blazing row, Jake defiantly and against doctor's orders drives off in his ute - is it over for the young lovers?
Packed To The Rafters
Packed To The Rafters - S03E17 - Spark Of Life (Aired: 2010-10-12)
Ted returns from with renewed spark from a rejuvenating break, only to find all is not well with his family. Due to work and money pressures, Julie and Dave are snapping at each other and Julie seeks respite in light conversation with Hamish, one of her friends from mothers' group. Concerned by Julie's fond talk of Hamish and Dave's solitary midnight visits to his shed, Ted reminds Dave not to forget the important things in life. Next morning, Dave acts on Ted's advice, and he and Julie set off together for a much-needed afternoon off. But their time together is cut short by a call from the police, investigating a second robbery at Dave's work-site. Although Dave is not accused of anything, the coincidence persuades his builder boss to let him go, and Dave takes his pent-up frustration out on Coby, pretty much accusing him of being the thief on the basis of Ted's revelation that Coby's been lying about where he's been living. Nathan, however, is able to assure Dave that Coby was hanging at the Karandonis house with him the previous night. But alone with Coby, Nathan can't help but wonder whether Coby's arrival with beers was merely to create an alibi. His lack of trust, and Coby's growing guilt, cause Coby to lash out - will the Rafters ever give him a break? However, just as Hamish declares his feelings for Julie, both she, and Coby, are given a timely wake-up call. Dave, working too hard, micro-sleeps at the wheel of his van. Shaken by Dave's near-miss, Coby visits Tom in prison to tell him he no longer wants to exploit the Rafters' goodwill. However, Tom isn't going to let Coby off the hook that easily and turns up the heat. Will Coby buckle to Tom's will? Meanwhile, to the consternation of his flatmates, Carbo is totally besotted by the irrepressible Retta and valiantly trying to go along with her no-sex rule. Driven spare by their comic antics, Ben takes Carbo aside and tells him he has to make a decision about their future together. Carbo agrees and relieved Ben assumes he's going to end the relationship. However, to Ben's dismay, Carbo decides to take things in an unexpected direction!
Packed To The Rafters
Packed To The Rafters - S03E16 - When Worlds Collide (Aired: 2010-10-05)
Rachel's relationship with Jake is pushed to breaking point when her work and personal lives collide. For Rachel, work is a world of pain. Colleague Liam is undercutting her at every turn, and Rachel doesn't know how to counter it. After some advice from Medusa, Rachel manages a temporary victory over him - but Liam turns the tables by schmoozing the client around to his idea. But the worst part? Her conflict with Liam is starting to affect her relationship with Jake, who advises her to be direct and take charge. Dave's money and work woes are stressing him out, so Julie offers to help the business by doing accounts, freeing Nathan up to do some light labouring. Busy Julie has a lot on her mind - especially when Ruby decides to stop breastfeeding - and she can't help making mistakes. Calls are missed, bookings lost - and Dave finally explodes, leading him to realise he and Julie need to work as a team to keep the business - and the family - working. Carbo has failed to talk his mother out of selling the house. As real estate agent Penny Malory and potential buyers rock around, Carbo puts on a desperate show, hoping to scare everyone away, but even Coby's bogan antics fail to discourage one couple, determined to buy. Will the happy Karandonis household be split apart - or will a last appeal to family history and sentiment win the day? When bathroom fittings go missing from their work-site, Coby pleads with Nathan to believe he is innocent. Nathan learns that Coby has trouble with reading and writing. He offers to help him out, and it seems their relationship is at last improving.


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