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Temptation Island - MobileTvShows
Temptation Island
A real-life dramatic series where boyfriends/girlfriends travel to a romantic place to quiz and fascinate the strengths of their relationships. Once the location has been selected, the ... See full summary »
Years: (2001–2003)
Genres: Reality-TV
IMDb Rating: 3.4
Last Updated: 9 Nov, 2019

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Temptation Island
Temptation Island - S02E05 - Episode 205 (High MP4) (Aired: 2001-12-06)
The show opens at Tambor Tropical in the morning with Edmundo and Hilary. In an interview, both of them admit that they have made a good connection with each other. Hilary acknowledges that Edmundo is everything that she would want in a man. Later that morning the coupled guys at Tambor Tropical are informed that they can view their video messages. John is elated. He makes a solemn walk through the driftwood gates and down the shoreline. John knows that being able to see Shannon's video message is the most intimate contact they have had in a week. John watches Shannon's message, which says that their relationship is built on trust. She tells him that they have a strong core and to remember that they trust one another. This overt use of the word trust displays her insecurity about John making connections with the singles. Shannon walks to the lookout over Tango Mar. John's video message explains why he did not watch the bonfire tape showing the single's telling the couples who they were
Temptation Island
Temptation Island - S02E04 - Episode 204 (High MP4) (Aired: 2001-11-29)
The show opens in the morning at Tango Mar. Genevieve explains that she came to Temptation Island because she wanted to test her relationship and see what it was like to be single. In a sense she thinks that she was sabotaging her relationship with Tony. She concedes that it was not Tony's idea to come to the island. Genevieve writes in her journal. She reads a passage from it explaining how she misses Tony and how it felt good to be jealous when she saw the bonfire videotape of him holding hands with Donna. Genevieve says she enjoyed her time here, but has learned quickly that she wants Tony back. The next day is a vote-off at Tango Mar. Mark explains that the coupled women must vote off a single guy. The girls huddle up and Nikkole says that she wants Jeff voted off. Catherine agrees, but Shannon and Genevieve refuse. Genevieve counters that none of the girls have connected with Juleby, so he must be voted off. Mark asks the girls to deliver the message. Nikkole points at Shannon, fo
Temptation Island
Temptation Island - S02E03 - Episode 203 (High MP4) (Aired: 2001-11-15)
The third episode begins with Catherine's tearful reaction to bonfire. Hilary's reference to kissing Edmundo makes Catherine realize that he may already be making serious connections on the other side of the island. Nikkole comments on how Catherine looks at this whole experience as a way to make Edmundo appreciate Catherine. The reality of being separated from their partners begins to set in. The next morning, Power Dating takes place poolside at Tambor Tropical. Each of the coupled people sits across from the singles and engages in a conversation with each of them individually for two minutes. These mini dates take place like musical chairs with each of the singles rotating down the line when they hear the drum bang. Tommy asks the same question every time, ""if you were a flavor of ice cream, which would you be, chocolate or vanilla. Tony seems to ask the most genuine questions, and Linda responds by saying that she would like to go out on a date with him. Nayla straight out says tha
Temptation Island
Temptation Island - S02E02 - Date Sabotage (High MP4) (Aired: 2001-11-08)
Episode two begins in the early morning at the coupled girls' resort, Tango Mar. As Nikkole gets out of bed she asserts that she is prepared to live through this experience for what it is without any fear or regrets. Later that morning the couples meet Mark at poolside, Tambor Tropical for their first date selection. The couples choose their dates by randomly picking shells that contain the names of the singles. John goes first and is paired with Anna Maria, the party promoter from San Diego. Tony picks Donna, an entrepreneur from Dallas, Pennsylvania. Genevieve says in an interview that she is not concerned at all, because she knows that Donna is not someone Tony would be attracted to. Edmundo selects Hilary, a graduate student. Catherine has to take a deep breath after watching Hilary and Edmundo warmly greet one another. Tommy picks Kristen S., a pediatric nurse from San Diego. Shannon picks Kaine, a law student. In the moment before Kaine was selected, John chants and roots for Ros
Temptation Island
Temptation Island - S02E01 - Journey into the Garden... (Aired: 2001-11-07)
The premiere episode of Temptation Island II begins by introducing the couples, in their hometowns as they pack for their exciting adventure. Edmundo and Catherine have been dating for three years. They met at an outdoor adventure race that Catherine's brother organized. Catherine lives and works in New York as a dancer in musicals while Edmundo lives in Chicago. Because they live in different cities they have been forced to realize the hardships of a long distance relationship. John and Shannon live together in Scottsdale, Arizona and have been dating for 10 months. The main hiccup in their relationship comes from the fact that John lacks a career. Shannon works hard as a real estate agent while John bartends and plays golf. She resents the fact that he loafs all day around her house. John admits that he is intimidated by attractive and successful guys getting the chance to date Shannon. Tony and Genevieve have been dating for three years. They live together in Ferndale, Michigan. Gen



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