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ThunderCats - MobileTvShows
A team of humanoid cats fight evil in their adopted home world.
Years: (1985–1989)
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure
IMDb Rating: 7.9
Last Updated: 18 Jun, 2012

Latest files added
ThunderCats - S01E26 - Sixth Sense (Aired: 1985-10-28)
An alien spaceship crash lands on third earth, and it can somehow communicate with Cheetara through her sixth sense. She becomes a part of the spacecraft, and begins to feel what it feels. The Mutants recover the space ship, and begin tampering with it. Little do they know that it is not only affecting the spaceship, but it is affecting Cheetara. In order to save Cheetara, the Thundercats set out to recover the space ship from the Mutants and fix it.
ThunderCats - S01E25 - Snarf Takes Up the Challenge (Aired: 1985-10-11)
Nearly all the Thundercats have been captured by the Mutants and imprisoned in Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, forcing Snarf to use his own talents to free them.
ThunderCats - S01E24 - Safari Joe (Aired: 1985-10-10)
An evil hunter lands on third earth in search of prey to hunt. His holographic machine can tell him about all of the Thundercats, including their strengths and weaknesses, and he is able to hunt down each one of them and put them in Thundrainium cells. He captures all of them but Lion-O and Snarf. Jaga warns Lion-O about Safari Joe before he sets out to save his comrades, and Lion-O is able to defeat him and release his friends.
ThunderCats - S01E23 - The Crystal Queen (Aired: 1985-10-09)
The Thundercats think that Snarf is getting too old, and that he is not up to doing as much as he does. To prove them wrong, Snarf saves the Thundercats from another mess. The evil Crystal Queen, Tartara, captures the Arrietta bird, whose songs enchant the Berbils' harvests. Lion-O, upset with her selfishness, goes off to save the bird, but gets caught and put under an evil spell. Snarf, managing to slip through the crystal queens defenses, saves Lion-O and frees the Arrietta bird.
ThunderCats - S01E16 - The Fireballs of Plun-Darr (Aired: 1985-09-30)
The Mutants, once again searching for a way to destroy the Thundercats, recover some more items from their spaceship. They take their ship's engine and convert it into a giant fireball-shooting machine. The mutants terrorize Third Earth with their fireballs, until the Thundercats go to castle Plunn-Darr and destroy their dangerous new weapon.


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