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Transformers - MobileTvShows
Two opposing factions of transforming alien robots engage in a battle that has the fate of Earth in the balance.
IMDb Rating: 8.0
Last Updated: 7 Aug, 2009

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Transformers - S03E30 - The Return of Optimus Prime (2) (Aired: 1987-03-03)
Optimus Prime is back and leads a team to Charr to retrieve the ship alloy from Galvatron. Galvatron guides them to it's location, but they confront a couple dangers and must fend off infected Transformers. Optimus and SkyLynx are the only ones not infected and barely get away with the alloy. The alloy is used to safeguard Optimus from the Hate Plague for his battle against Rodimus as the Matrix is the key to the cure.
Transformers - S03E28 - The Face of Nijika (Aired: 1986-11-20)
A group of Autobots, Cyclonus and Quintessons become trapped within a Quadrant Lock Disc that has also kept the planet Zimojin and it's inhabitants trapped for thousands of years. To get out the Quintessons need a component belonging to Perceptor, but he has several parts taken out which are used by Katsudan to make repairs on a robot. Now in the small form, Perceptor learns the Zimojins were trapped there by the Quintessons out of fear.
Transformers - S03E27 - The Burden Hardest to Bear (Aired: 1986-11-19)
Being the leader takes it toll on Rodimus and his attempt to relax gets him into a fight, in which he loses the Matrix. The Stunticons escape with it and Rodimus reverts to Hod Rod. At first, Hod Rod is perfectly fine with no longer being in charge, but he soon understands he must get the Matrix back. It will not be easy, though, as Scourge has already seized the power of the Matrix.
Transformers - S03E26 - Call of the Primitives (Aired: 1986-11-18)
The evil Primacron plans to use an energy being named Tornadron to defeat the Transformers and help in his universal conquest. Meanwhile, the animal form Transformers leave during a battle between Autobots and Decepticons upon getting a strange signal. The signal was apparently sent by Primacron's own assistant, who believes this group of "Primitives" can defeat Primacron.
Transformers - S03E25 - Money is Everything (Aired: 1986-11-17)
Marissa Fairborne and the Technobots encounter Dirk Mannis, who possesses the dangerous Recreator. Turns out the Quintessons want the Recreator for themselves and Dirk is happy to give it to them so long as he gets paid. Marissa and the Technobots get tangled into the resulting betrayals and scheming.



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